Yaga Gathering 2020 08 08

The unanimous declaration of Absurdistan‘s only and ruling party concerning its independence.

There’s no better country, citizens, or the moral code than that of Absurdistan. It’s a fact. Hence, to be able to share these with the rest of the world, we see only one option: to declare Absurdistan’s independence and take over the world.

The 6th of August will be known as Absurdistan’s Independence Day. As it matches the start of this year’s YAGA festival, which is the favourite of Absurdistan’s Supreme Leader, Absurdistan will annex the whole territory of the festival and use it for the greater good of the Universe.

There will be two ways to get into Absurdistan. The best of the society, carefully selected by the Ministry Of Greatness, will get Absurdistan’s citizenship and passports. The rest of you, casual people, will have to get visitors visas that are limited to just 1000 for the luckiest ones.

Although Absurdistan rules strictly, it rules with love. That’s why the country will have two music stages dedicated to all the possible sounds you can imagine, as music doesn’t have borders in Absurdistan. There will be dances, happiness, and weirdness. Yes, Absurdistan is the only country in the world that embraces the weirdness. Non-weirdness might even be punished. But don’t worry, the voting on it is still in process.

To share its values with a possibly ungrateful world, Absurdistan’s Ministry of Propag… Truth… The Ministry of Truth will take over YAGA’s Workshop, Healing, and Cinema areas. The visitors should be prepared for a state-approved tsunami of lectures, workshops, and discussions. The Minister of Truth barely had to censor anything! The program is that good!

If you’re concerned about your kids, you’re right. Absurdistan is also concerned about your kids. That’s why the best graduates from the University of Absurdology will take good care of tourists’ children in the Kindergarten.

Absurdistan is the country of traditions. Traditions of the absurd, like the tradition not to write down the traditions. Nevertheless, tourists who want to experience Absurdistan’s greatness in its entirety need to dress accordingly. Although Absurdistan is a dictatorship for the whole 87 hours since the last coup, the current Supreme Leader welcomes all the absurd uniforms you can think of.

The one and ruling party of Absurdistan, together with its Supreme Leader wishes you a great and absurd day. Also, go get visas.

VALLEY STAGE: Akvilina Ubartaite, Anna Hanna Boreiko, Basy Tropikalne, Boikafé, Caroil, Dannie Fade, Datcha, Ensure, Elizabete Balčus, Five Rituals, Hìldå, Koneliūnas, Klinke, Matas Aerobica, MEKASDUo ft. Dovydas Stalmokas, Martinkush, mFungus, Gediminas Jakubka, Planeta Polar, Gediminas Rimeika, Rytis Koreniukas, Nerijus Damashn, Sibilë & Mauras, Spitzin, Titas Tumosa,T-woc, Tirikilatops, Vladas Dieninis, Zygimantas Kudirka, Woida, Weevil, 23Suspect, イゴリス

PINEGROVE STAGE: Arnas of Discotag, Audrius Šėlsta, Abdalla Chahine, Dev, Droopas, Exoternal, grad_u, Galaktlan, Žygimantas Gudelis Gon, Ilmajaam, Jausme, Lena Ura, Mahi Bukimi, MigloJE, Not a Number, Omal, Oras, Octal Industries, Pleq, Petunija X Makaruk, Refusenik, Ruxpin, Sleeper (miegas inc.), shnare.sys, Surgautas, Samuel Tange, Stellardrone, Spaceboy, S. Gytis, Tamsaulė, the Picturesque Episodes, Taavi Tulev, ZVH

LRT OPUS POPUP: The Cleaning Service Agency, Deserted Island, Palmės Žiedas, Tomas Lukaševičius, Simas Boo, Martis, Rheeno, Padeigmas vs Rožinskas

VISIONARY: 2v3, Augustinas Gipas, Glow Factory, Ieva Tarė Ieva, Indrė Ercmonaitė, Jurga Marcinauskaitė, Kotryna Čalkaitė, La Gota, Lightforms, Marius Skudzinskas, Miss Plastica, Morta Petkeviciute, Oskaras Gudas, Sarunas Kirdeikis, Silly Cat, Simonas Nekrošius, Valerija Gneuševa, Vilte Gustyte, Viktors Keino, Yāma Kowa, Ziogas

+ Kauno menininkų namai / Kaunas Artists’ House, workshops, healing area, kindergarten, cinema and DIY stage „Last minute“

Location: Ežeraičio miškas, Varėnos rajonas, Lietuva
More information: https://www.facebook.com/events/444969186405062/

Location: Ežeraičio miškas, Varėnos rajonas, Lietuva

Renginių aprašymai yra ruošiami pagal organizatorių išplatintą informaciją, todėl „Miesto Žirafos“ negarantuoja, kad informacija yra teisinga ir neatsako už galimus netikslumus bei įstatymų pažeidimus renginių aprašymuose.