, Švitrigailos g. 7, Vilnius
Hi there!
The time has finally come to experience another Dramatica!
We miss you very much and can’t wait to see you all for another journey through the world of drag artistry!
As winter reaches its depth, becoming a snowy wonderland full of freezing ice, we feel it in our bones thanks to the rising heating prices!!!
But don’t you worry, we’ve got you covered!
For this gathering, we selected the hottest queens that will warm you up for weeks to come, so the cold Lithuanian winter won’t be an issue!
Let’s introduce the ice-melting, heartbeat-raising lineup for this edition!
Your host, Miss Plastica, will make sure the heat is on from the beginning of the show until the end. Her warmth and joy of sharing energy will feel like an enormously warm hug!
And who knows, she might surprise us again with what she’s best at: her hot looks, spontaneous performances and other improvised moments she’s so great at!
Edna Sorgelsen will make sure that romance and drama flow through the room, keeping our hearts warm and open for love. Her sense of humour and unique story telling through lip sync is something you have to experience! Get ready to give her some attention because she looooves it!
If romance is not for you, maybe Patty Pam-Pam will be your cup of tea. A contestant of Drag Race Holland 1, she shares her burning interest in being a multidisciplinary creative soul that inspires and keeps that fire of curiosity aflame. You can expect self-made creative looks spiced with camp and fashion. Also, be prepared for surprising performances that might include juggling, dancing and many other creative ways of expressing her sweet personality.
Wait, but are you hungry for sassiness? We’ve got that too! Athena Sorgelikis is full of it! Her youthful and sharp looks will be like a warm spring wind that will make you feel fresh and young again! And her energetic club kid like performances will leave a warm, tingly, excited feeling in your belly like after your first kiss.
To make sure the energy is over the top, we’ve invited Drag Race Holland 2 contestant Reggy B!
She’s ready to share her high energy, all-encompassing pop shows full of fun, joy and killer dances with you!
So get ready to dance with this queen til you’re soaking in your own sweat!
To make sure that high energy and warm atmosphere is consistent throughout the whole evening, we asked DJ Gyvatnešis to spoil you with extra hot sets before shows and during the breaks! So don’t put too many clothes on, it might get very warm!
Doors: 19:30 (!!!)
Show: 21:00
Afterparty: after show 23:30-07:00
Dramatica Goes Dancing
– In order to get to the event smoothly and on time, we offer to come from 19:30, the event will start at 21:00
– Tickets will become more expensive on the day of the event, they will be available for purchase at the club.
– The organizers of the event follow the internal rules and reserve the right not to admit unwanted persons and persons under the age of 18 without additional explanation.
– If you made a mistake in e-mail during ticket purchase please contact +370 699 39567
– Refund of purchased advance tickets is possible only if the event does not take place or the event is moved
More info – www.dramatica.lt
– Kad sklandžiai ir laiku patektumėte į renginį siūlome atvykti nuo 19:30, renginys prasidės lygiai 21:00
– Bilietai renginio dieną brangs, juos galima bus įsigyti klube
– Renginio organizatoriai vadovaujasi vidaus taisyklėmis ir pasilieka teisę neįleisti nepageidaujamų ir jaunesnių nei 18 metų asmenų be papildomo paaiškinimo.
– Jeigu bilietų pirkimo metu padarėte klaidą nurodydami el.paštą prašome susisiekti +370 699 39567
– Įsigytų išankstinių bilietų grąžinimas galimas tik renginiui neįvykus ar renginį perkėlus
Daugiau informacijos – www.dramatica.lt

Renginių aprašymai yra ruošiami pagal organizatorių išplatintą informaciją, todėl „Miesto Žirafos“ negarantuoja, kad informacija yra teisinga ir neatsako už galimus netikslumus bei įstatymų pažeidimus renginių aprašymuose.